Capital Punishment And You

In Laying Down The Law on December 9, 2008 at 8:25 pm

I was skimming through some questions on Yahoo! this morning, and happened upon one inquirer who asked the following : “Should the death penalty be reintroduced for crimes against children, cop killers, rapists and terrorists?”. He then proceeded to elaborate : “In view of increasingly horrific crime statistics, can we sit back anymore and watch our over crowded prisons failing, or do we need to adopt more extreme measures?”.

Here’s the deal. I generally lean towards Republican view-points. However, brace yourselves, I am against the death penalty. My reasons being the following :


  • Punishing death by death = Hypocrisy. Explain this to me, how is it un-lawful to kill another human being, yet it is legal to punish such a human being who commits those atrocious acts by death? Realize this – Our government is comprised of people, human beings such as yourself. What exactly gives them (or any of us for that matter) the right to decide another human beings eternal fate? Nothing. Nothing gives us that right.
  • Violation of Bill of Rights. This falls under “Cruel and Unusual”
  • It costs decent, hard working, American tax payer’s money
  • It solves nothing. Your loved one is not brought back. The crime rates don’t lower. Justice has not prevailed.
  • Last but not least – The innocence of the accused could possibly be realized a month after being legally murdered

What are your thoughts?


Useful Things To Do With That Old McCain/Palin T-Shirt

In Pardon My Politics on December 9, 2008 at 8:12 pm

As many of us are still recovering from the “election”, we find ourselves wondering in what way we can still get use out of our McCain/Palin t-shirts. I found myself in a similar predicament. Here’s some suggestions on what you can do :

  •  Use the t-shirt to wipe the tears of the millions of Americans that will continue to lose their jobs as taxes are increased, and employers remedy this by laying off employees.
  •  Use the t-shirt to wipe the dust off that savings/retirement account you have managed to leave untouched for so many years. You’ll soon be needing it.
  •  Use the t-shirt as a contributing layer of clothing in which to keep you warm as you struggle to find the warmest bridge in town to huddle under.
  •  Use the t-shirt to cover your children’s eyes as they watch the country they are to inherit crumble before them.

Here’s to enjoying the fruits of “spreading the wealth”! (Maybe that can be a new t-shirt we can all enjoy!)